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How To Use a Face Mask to Protect Yourself from Covid-19. Dos and Don'ts

India is slowly getting unlocked but a lot of sectors like cinema halls, places of worship, public gatherings are still not allowed. The govt has given instructions to be at home and only step out of its really important.

But the unlock comes with some guidelines for all citizens where you have to wear your face masks and follow social distancing. There is an INR 200 fine if you are not wearing a Face Mask or not maintaining the social distance in Public places.

It is important to wear the face mask as the virus spreads via mouth droplets and respiratory air when people interact with each other. Also if someone is sneezing or coughing around you need to be careful. So wearing a Face Mask in Public places is really important as you can be affected by the virus or you can transmit the virus to other people without even showing symptoms.

As citizens, we should follow the rules and also for the safety of ourselves and our families. If you wear a mask there are fewer chances of you touching your face or mouth that also reduces the chances of virus spread.

Medical Masks such as N95, etc are short on supply and reserved for the healthcare staff and the frontline warriors who are fighting this battle with corona face to face. People are using Homemade cloth masks for protection, However, these masks are not as effective as the Medical Masks but still works as a barrier for the Virus spreading elements.

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Below are some points that you should remember and take care of while using a mask.

Dos while wearning a Mask

You should wear a mask all the time when you are out in a public place

You should use a multiple layer mask that is comfortable in breathing

The mask you are wearing should fit your face and cover your nose and mouth as a tiny gap can also let the particle to enter.

Always wash your hands before putting the mask on your face and also when you remove it.

While putting on the mask and also while removing the mask always keep in mind that you should not touch your face, your eyes, your mouth.

You must practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from people in public places.

If there are older people at your home who are suffering from some disease or have low immunity then you must wear a mask while talking to them.

You must wash your mask with soap and warm water after every use.

Don'ts while wearing a Mask

Do not put a mask on a child or a person who has a problem with breathing and cannot remove the mask themselves.

Do not stock the medical masks for your use, as the frontline warriors need those masks.

You should not pull down your mask to your chin while eating or drinking. You must remove it completely, wash your hands finish eating or drinking, and then put it back.

Do not wear a mask that is not clean, torn, or damaged in any form, or used by someone else.

Don’t just depend on the mask for your safety, also use hand sanitizers and cover your eyes with sunglasses or use Face shield while going to Public Places.

Do not go out if you are feeling sick, or you have a fever, cough, or cold.

These are some factors that you should take care of while using a face mask. Wearing a mask is really important and how to use it is also very important. So you must keep these things in mind and also share it with the people you care.

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