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Cross Country Pipeline Laying and Refurbishment Work

• Laying and associated work of cross country hydrocarbon pipelines.
• Polyurethane Coatings, Cold Applied Coatings for Repair and Rehabilitation of the External Coatings of Buried Steel Pipelines.

Integrated O&M Jobs

• Mechanical: Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair of mainline valves, control valves, pig launcher & Receiver barrel, Pumps & Generators, NDT, HT, UT, RT.
• Electrical maintenance: Substations, MCS, Electrical Appliances, Lighting, PCC & MCC Panels, UPS , Battery Banks, Laying of all types of HT/LT cables(PVC/XLPE/Armoured/Unarmoured/Power/Control/ Signalling), Electrical Heat tracing cables.

Emergency Response and Oil Recovery

•Quick Response Team to report leak/ pilferage/wash out/OFC cuts/Disruption in CP system/encroachment or any other emergency site
•Operations of Mobile Oil Spill Recovery Unit (MOSRU) equipped with vehicle mounted Mobile Oil Suction Unit required for attending mainline emergency maintenance, oil spillage etc.

Civil Works

• Excavation & Earth work Restoration, Site cleaning work of the ground in all kinds of soil.
• Reinforced Cement Concrete & Plain Cement Concrete works, Prefabricated Concrete Structure.
• Foundations for specialized equipment like reciprocating compressors, pumps, filters, gas after Coolers, Condensate tank, Skids, Gas Engine Generator, Diesel Engine Generator, Scraper trap, stacks, Blow Down Silencer and other equipment.

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